5 Unexpectedly Awesome Uses of RFID Tags

5 Unexpectedly Awesome Uses of RFID tags

We’re all too familiar with the typical uses of RFID – powering contactless payments, opening doors in offices and security tags in clothing stores.

But at Faraday Store, we thought we’d have a dig around for some more interesting and novel uses of the technology.




Feeding the Cat

We’re not sure about this one, as it requires training. Cats are notoriously difficult to train. But Benjamin definitely gets points for ingenuity and, well… naming his cat Monkey.



Shopping for wine

Shopping for wine with RFID

We like the odd glass of wine here at Faraday Store, but we’re no experts, and are as perplexed as the next person when starring down the wine aisle in Sainsbury’s .

Wine Tap. No, it’s an automated wine dispenser (we can see that getting messy) – but an RFID-enabled sommelier.

Wine Tap…. That gives us an idea…

Pulling your own pint

Someone beat us to it.





Saving Honey Bees

Honey bees are in trouble. They’re in severe decline and are at risk of disappearing. But Obama isn’t prepared to let that happen.




Yep… really.


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